The Story of Blackheads

The Story of Blackheads

One fine day you see yourself in the mirror & see few tiny little blackheads on your nose. No matter how hard you try to remove them or rub them, they stay rigid. So you think that maybe after I wash my face a few times, these black spots will disappear. But guess what, they don’t!!!

You might scrub or take steam which is going to do only one thing, it’s going to make them worse! So stop it. Instead of further taking any home remedy, you need to know and understand what these black spots exactly are. Well, scientifically they are called as “Blackheads”. It’s a type of acne and falls in the Grade 1 category which is an early stage of acne

Actually, the word Blackheads should be replaced with Black nose, because that’s where mostly it occurs. But also note it can happen on your face, back, shoulders, chest & neck.

So now you wonder where these blackheads arise? How the heads turn black? And the most important of all. How to get rid of it?

So basically, blackheads are formed due to clogging or blocking of skin pores. It can be due to dead cells, pollution, use of oily cosmetics etc. All the hair follicles are gifted with oily glands (sebaceous gland) which help skin to be moist & smooth. But when the pore is clogged this oil starts accumulating beneath your pore.

So in the beginning, when your skin pushes the mixture of dead cell & oil, it forms a white plug-like structure. This is the first step in the formation of blackhead which is known as the whitehead. It remains white until the pressure causes the skin to break & that’s where air oxidizes the oil & turns it BLACK.

This is how suddenly one fine morning you are gifted with Blackheads.

If you ignore these tiny blackheads, they turn into painful red bumps leading to Grade 2, 3 & 4 acne, making it even more difficult, time-consuming & expensive to treat.

Solution? Well, there are many for removing Blackheads, which can best be suggested by an expert dermatologist. As we all know that every skin type is different & demands a customized treatment. Hence it’s important that for skin disorders you consult only a dermatologist.

So the next time you see these tiny blackheads consult a dermatologist immediately!!!

We wish you Blackhead free day!

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