Home Remedies for Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

We all search for home remedies for conditions which frequently crop up, like pimples or acne. But we forget that to prevent their recurrence, medical advice from professionals is a must. This is because if you use a wrong product or treatment which doesn’t suit your skin type, it will show a reverse effect. Instead of clearing, your acne will worsen

So now you must be thinking, what is this article all about if we don’t recommend home remedies?

Well you can call it home care tips or steps which you can take or avoid in your day to day life to help fight frequent acne breakouts. These are steps which are recommended by dermatologists all over.

Drink lots of water: Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water. Mostly majority of skin problem start when we drink less water. Dehydration causes dryness, wrinkles & decreases shedding of skin causing acne. Water intake increases the reach of nutrients to the periphery of skin thereby decreasing dryness, acne & wrinkles and making skin soft & subtle.

Choose your moisturizer carefully: Use correct moisturizer. There are various type of moisturize available in market oil based, paraffin based, gel based, SPF based & various others. One should know their skin type & take into account the sensitivity of the skin before choosing a moisturizer. That’s why the best person to recommend one is Dermatologist. If you are having oily skin type one should prefer gel based moisturizer. If the skin type is dry then one can go for paraffin based moisturizer. People who go out in sun should apply moisturizer with SPF or should apply sunscreen after applying moisturizer. Role of moisturizer is to only hold water hence one should apply little tap water along with moisturizer before applying.

Diet plays a major role. Recent studies suggest definite role of Glycemic index & acne. One should prefer low calorie, low glycemic index food to minimize the risk of acne. Food with high amount of anti-oxidants help flight inflammation e.g. Almonds, red berries, nuts, dark green vegetables, green tea  etc

Wash your face regularly: It should be done at least 3 times a day. Since our skin sheds dead cells continuously there are chances that these dead cells block the pores & cause acne. Do not use regular soap on your face, they are harsh due to their high pH level & damage the skin causing dryness. Use a facewash.

Do not scrub: If you are using Facewash scrubbing should be avoided. Do not scrub, if you are already suffering from blackhead or white heads or any form of acne, this may spread it.

Avoid taking stress: Stress induces production of oil i.e. sebum under your skin which aggravates pimples. Also during stress one doesn’t eat food or drink water properly which can lead to acne. Just relax exercise or meditate to avoid stress.

One should understand that although easy to diagnose, acne is a difficult condition to treat. These tips will not treat your acne. They are precautionary measures you can take. If you want your acne to be treated and don’t want it to worsen further the best approach is to consult a dermatologist.


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