How does AcneDr work?

It’s a simple app where you click the images of the affected area and send it to our dermatologist panel. One of the Drs from our panel will respond to your request and give you a customized therapy.

What are the benefits of AcneDr?

You can get the consultation from practicing dermatologists without visiting them. This means no waiting for hours in Dr’s chamber.

Which conditions are treated through AcneDr?

Acne or Pimples is the only condition for which you can get treatment through AcneDr.

Who evaluates the photographs & medical history?

Photographs & Medical history are evaluated by registered doctors in our panel.

Are photographs evaluated by computer program?

No. Photographs are evaluated by registered doctors in our panel only.

How much does it cost?

Each consultation will cost you Rs.400

Any of my personal identifying information is shared?

Your identity and personal information will remain confidential.

Who are the doctors?

The panel comprises of registered medical practitioners.

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