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Pimples : Common yet complex

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AcneDr. guarantees 100% improvement in your current skin condition. If not, the next consultation is free.

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All our panelist are certified medical practitioners & have an expertise in acne management. They will assess your images and then provide customized therapy via chat.

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We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information shared by you. So go ahead, pour out your heart and resolve all your queries.

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AcneDr. is a platform which connects you to an expert dermatologist instantly. So now no more waiting in the Dr’s chamber. Get consultation even from the comfort of your home.

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Access to quality healthcare is a major concern in India today. However,this concern has been alleviated by the use of mobile devices in healthcare practices which have brought in the capabilities to lower the failure-to- respond rates, increase information access and communication and enhance the overall productivity. Among these innovations, Mobile Health technology, with its ability to provide access to instant consultations with top certified medical practitioners and make quality healthcare more affordable, has proved to be a game changer for the Indian healthcare system. Leveraging the power of this technology, Mumbai headquartered AcneDr.

Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. brings it’s very own mHealth platform that has been designed exclusively for acne management. AcneDr.Created with the sole objective of erasing acne, AcneDr. has been serving as a digital platform that is focused extensively on providing the best acne treatment and making dermatologists accessible to youth across the country. In a quest to make acne treatment easier, accessible and more affordable, AcneDr. is currently the first and only dermatologist consultation app in India that equips its users with a team of dermatologists with in-depth expertise in pimple treatment. Embarrassment, stigma, and misconceptions are one of the reasons that results into acne and people don’t find anything unsual about this hence avoides seeking medical help. Striving to eliminate these concerns, AcneDr. has been designed to create awareness on the impact of acne on day-to-day life and educate people to seek professional guidance.

As a one-stop solution platform for acne management, AcneDr. transcends geographical barriers to facilitate patients in remote parts of the country with access to experienced dermatologists in a timely manner. With a convenient model where consultation is provided through chat by assessing shared patient images, AcneDr. serves as a secure platform where chats and images are protected and patients are ensured with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. These images are then closely examined by the dermatologist, following which, a customized treatment is prescribed to the patient. In addition to acne management, the dermatologists at AcneDr. also counsel their patients on lifestyle management as a major part of their treatment. Moreover, the patients are also provided with the opportunity to consult and converse with dermatologists through the app for 48 hours, to have their various queries resolved. The main objective of mHealth technology is to make healthcare more widely accessible and convenient for all. AcneDr. makes this possible, where smooth consultation can be availed from anywhere and at anytime.

Being the first of its kind in the country, AcneDr. has already created a reputation in the mhealth segment. Leveraging this position, the company is committed to bring about an awareness and difference for people afflicted with acne, thus helping people regain their confidence and smile again. On the technology front, AcneDr. aims to optimize the mHealth space with innovative offerings and equip its users with the best possible user experience, in the years to come.